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Open for outdoor service of food and drinks.

Our accommodation is re-opening for guests 17th May

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King Arthur's Arms at Tintagel     :     Awarded 4 Star Inn by Visit England     :     Easy to book online    :     Telephone 01840 770628




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We are usually open 364 days a year from 9am although 

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King Arthurs Inn Tintagel bed and breakfast



Come and see for yourself

Tintagel in 1259 known as Trewarvene, in 1284 known as TREVENE, in 1399 known as

 TREVENA and originally known as TRE-WAR-VENETH ‘farm on the hill’ For centuries

Tintagel with its powerful atmosphere has been a place of inspiration for poets, composers and

artists, including Turner and Tennyson. More recently Tintagel’s magnificent scenery has delighted

the modern equivalents of the movie and television program makers from home and abroad.


The views

The History

Trebarwith strand is less than a mile and a half away

 Bossiney Beach is located on the outskirts of Tintagel

Benoath Cove is revealed as the tide recedes

 Bossiney Beach becomes one long golden expanse as the tide goes out

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Tintagel bed and breakfast accommodation awarded 4 stars for b and b in Tintagel.



















The dramatic setting of Tintagel castle, straddling the mainland and the island, seems to give credence to the myths and legends associated with it. Reputedly the ruins we see today were built on the site of an ancient fortress that would have been used by the ancient kings of Cornwall. We are convinced that our King Arthur was one of these kings. Today’s remains date from 1236 and the Earl Richard , second son of King John. The castle was added to during the 14th century by Edward he Black Prince, who was the 1st Duke of Cornwall. By the 17th century the ruins that survived had became known as King Arthur’s Castle. The relentlessly pounding seas around our coastline has taken it’s toll on the landscape and much of the land that was around the castle has fallen away.

Today the care of the castle is the responsibility of English Heritage who have undertaken a great deal of work to make the site safely accessible, well maintained, educational and interesting. English Heritage have invested in an improved access road for both walkers and the land rover service. At the base of the castle you will find toilet facilities, a shop and a free information video show. Down the steps into the cove and onto the beach you will find the famous Merlin’s cave.

The walk to the ruins is very steep whether you go via the church road or the direct path. The good news is that during the summer months there is a land rover service, which will take you as far as the base of the ruins from where you get a good view and the “feel” of the surroundings and / or bring you back up the hill. There is a small fee each way for this service. St Materiana is the parish church of Tintagel. It was already an ancient church at the time of the Doomsday book of 1085 when it was undergoing major restoration, this taking about 70 years to complete. With some minor modifications, this is the church we see today.  Make sure to look at the "modern" stained glass window.

Tintagel is the home of some gems of landscape formations, in addition to it’s great scenic beauty.

At Bossiney cove you will find an out crop of rock the image of an elephants head. This is a lovely cove but one has to be energetic to face the twisty narrow path down that offers no choice but to walk. Further along at Rocky Valley the cut out formation that leads your eye to the sea is breathtaking, if not a little scary to see the sea using it’s great energy to pound and cut away at the rocks, as it forces itself up and over them with each high tide. Also here at the ruins of Trewethett mill are 2 strange carvings that may belong to the Neolithic age 2000 BC or, it has been suggested, to archaeological students of the 1940’s!

All the “Tre”s that appear in the names of the hamlets that together form the parish of Tintagel do have meanings: Trenale the place on the moor, Trenouth new place, Trebarwith middle place, Trecarne the rocky slope, Treven the marshy place, Tregeath hidden place, Treknow the valley place, Trevena place on the hill, Trewarmett the place of Garman, Trethevy place of David, Trevillick place of Maliac, Trewinnick place of Gwinoc, Tregatta place of Catte.

There is an old ditty that goes Trevena, Treven, Tregatta, Treknow, Trenale, Trewarmett, Trebarwith and Beslow, 8 little villages all in a row.

A few extra meanings:

TIN,  a hillfort or fortification (that’s us!)
POLAN,  a saltwater pond.. POL,  a creek, cove or pit.
PENN,  a headland or promontory. 
TRES,  a ford. 
LOE,  lake or inlet water. 
TREV,  a village, town, hamlet or homestead.

There is a larger recorded show that you can see at the Great Halls of Chivalry (about 70metres from the pubs front door). This is narrated by the actor Robert Powell. This is not free but worth seeing. This hall is known as King Arthur's Halls and is dedicated to the legend, definitely worth a visit if you are also fascinated by the story of King Arthur and his Knights.

"I'd love to see this! Let's book a few days in King Arthur's Arms."

We are usually open 364 days a year from 9am, winter hours may apply.

  Contact us by phone:  01840 770628 or contact us by e-mail

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